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About Us



The mission of Crescent City String Academy is to provide a high-quality comprehensive and diverse string program for students in the greater New Orleans community in the areas of violin, viola, cello, and bass. The CCSA is committed to guiding students from the earliest stages of their development through the highest levels of artistry. Through private lessons, group ensembles, and student and artistic professional performances, the CCSA is devoted to sharing the diversity of string music and connecting with the New Orleans community. In the pursuit of excellence, the program aims to enrich the lives of students through perpetuating cultural diversity, intellectual curiosity, discipline, respect, and appreciation for the arts.




Our curriculum allows students to discover the world through string music in a diverse, rigorous, and fun setting. Traditional Western classical repertoire and pedagogy are combined with music from world cultures, under-represented composers, New Orleans and American music, and culturally significant and popular music to inspire students with the limitless possibilities of playing a string instrument. Our curriculum is designed to foster proper and sequential technical development through a combination of method books that also develop work ethic and patience. The Suzuki method serves as the basis for cultivating the ear, playing with balance and relaxation, and developing the child. We promote the use of improvisatory creativity to unleash freedom and spirit. Music theory, ear training, composition, and music history are also incorporated in our classes as essential elements in the musical process.


We are dedicated to offering a diverse curriculum that educates students on the history of classical music and music from around the world, highlighting the similarities and differences in humanity and promoting curiosity and sensitivity in our students. Students are offered a serious and rigorous program with high expectations for dedication, that is also fun, nurturing, and inspiring. Ultimately our goal is to see our students develop a love for music and carry their artistry into all aspects of their lives. The diversity of the Crescent City String Program reflects the population of New Orleans, with music serving as a cornerstone to social and humanitarian development.



The CCSA offers programs in string education to students of all ages and levels. All students are encouraged to study in both private lessons and group ensembles, as well as participate in the program’s recitals and concerts. Private lessons are structured to guiding students through the technical and musical progression at their own pace. Students are placed in groups and ensembles based on their level, ranging from introductory strings, beginning and intermediate group classes and chamber classes, and young artist chamber ensembles. The curriculum of group study spans classical music, culturally significant pieces, group improvisation, orchestral music, music theory, ear-training, and music history. Group classes are essential to building community and creating music with peers. Masterclasses and workshops with guest artists occur throughout the year.


Beginners Program


The beginners program is designed for students ages 5 to 18 years old who are starting their string training for the first time, or who have been playing for less than two years. Students are offered both private lessons and group classes. The curriculum for the group lessons includes group review of culturally significant pieces, group improvisation, orchestral pieces, music theory, ear-training, and music history.


Young Artist Program


The Young Artist Program is designed for talented and motivated pre-college students. Students are selected through an audition process. Once selected, students are offered private lessons, chamber music classes, and masterclasses with string faculty and guest artists.


Adult Program

The Adult program is designed for adults seeking to deepen their appreciation and understanding for music and string instruments. Students are offered private lessons, chamber music classes, and Music Appreciation workshops.

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